I've been working in the game industry since interning for Monolith in 1998. In the time since, I've had a chance to work with some of the most talented group of artists in the industry. I've been lucky since I'm able to really soak in their knowledge and be inspired by their styles, attention to detail and their craftsmanship. I'm still continuing to improve my skills, which I know will be a lifelong pursuit.


As a hobby, I love to draw on any occasion I can get. I like to start my day drawing for an hour. It really loosens up all the creative juices swimming around in my head that are struggling to get out. Sometimes while I'm working on a model, I usually draw out a piece and while I'm doing that, I'm almost modeling it in my mnd as Im doodling. It gives me a great path to take when I finally so start the modeling process.