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Zealot Model Low Poly

This is a Zealot low poly model built from my Zbrush model. It's 2500 polys and using a 1024 texture. The textures are hand painted with an ambient occlusion shadow baked inthe the texture. This render was taken from Marmoset toolbag. I was tasked to do something creative, and I came up with tihs armor as a result. I wanted to create a lot of layers of armor, have something that would stand out against each other even when the camera is zoomed far away. I also wanted to create a power source for their suits. I've always liked the fact that the zealots used pylon shards to power thier buildings. I wanted to create a miniature version. I think that helps explain the rings which transfers the power from the shard to the front of the crystal which enhances thier psionic mind.

Zealot Model Zbrush

Zealot full body sculpture in Zbrush. I did this in less than 40 hours. I used dynamesh for my hard surface modeling. For the hair I used a series of curves tube to make it look like dreadlocks.

This is a project fully modeled in Zbrush4 R2 using Dynamesh. The render is a turntable animation from the preview pane using high rez setting.

It's the Heavy Soldier in full decked out gear. I focused on making sure each parts worked as a whole. I looked at the current gears heavy soldiers are using, and gave it a light sci-fi look. so even though it look futuristic, I wanted to have some common parts to ground out the design. I focused on making each component functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Im thinking of making this a series, where each soldier are decked out accoding to thier job in the group. I belive this guy is the bulkiest of the group, unless there's demand out there for a Bombsquad type soldier which would be kind of cool :) Stay tuned for a low poly version of the model. I have the base torso completed which I will update soon.

Detailed helmet turntable animation of the heavy soldiers helmet. All fully modeled in Zbrush using Dynamesh. It's rendered using the preview panel using high rez setting.

Same theme as the whole body, I used current generation technology and just gave it a little uplift. The plate covering the NVG , the wireless attachment, and the lazer pointer for the tactical bombings are really the only futuristic parts. The helmet is based on tactical seal teams helmets with side rail for customization. The under cloth under the helmet was inspired by tanker helmets with plenty of padding. The gas mask is a variant of a flight pilots gas mask that could easily attach a hose or for shorter mission, 2 gas mask canisters. I've also attached a radio speaker on the bottom of the gas mask so if they need to talk to a civilian they don't have to remove the mask. For the other soldiers in the group, I think it might be cool if the mouth and eye pieces are interchangle to match the soldiers preference. I'm think it would be kind of neat for a variant if the gask was a mouth plate, kind of like samurai mouth gaurds, but updated:)

This is a low poly torso based on my high poly sculpt. I haven't started on the color, but I have normal, spec, and the ambient occulsion on this model. I have realtime shadows and depth of field running. Movie was made using marmoset toolbag.

Socom4 model of Chung, a Korean 707 special forces.

I modeled the torso in Zbrush and Maya 2010. It is using the ingame assets, and texture resolution is ingame as well. I took the model into Marmoset toolbag and used thier shader and lights to render out this turntable. Our pipeline consisted of using various parts or gears to make a full soldier. Chung's body, helmet, and backpack though was fully modeled and textured by me. The arms, gloves and knee pads were modeled by the other character artists. The head model was given to us by Sony support Group VASG.

The look was inspired by the Korean 707, a special force group based in korea who trains with the US Delta. Since Socom4 took place in a Malaysia-type country, it was hard trying to put korean force in the jungles or backwoods of the game. The 707s main specialty is really urban counterterrorism. Eventually I just decided to stick with that motif being truer to thier specialty. Gun model is done by Kevin Gee.

Socom4, Naga Elite heavy version.

The NAGA Heavy units. The theme of the naga was that they were a poorly funded insurgent type group that was trying to start an uprising. Eventually you find out that they're being funded by a group looking to capitalize on the war. That's where the Elite soldiers came in. They get the bulk of the funding from this corporation. All elites would be in camo fatigues, and camo facepaints(except the officers). When you engage a group full of infantriy and elites, the contrast really stood out. You were able to pick out the major threats in less than a second. I did keep a them with all the NAGA, each soldier carries a bolo sword, and they have a waist wrap for a belt. All of the Naga are sharing 1 body texture, and 1 gears texture. the infantry and elite have a diffrent diffused map, but they all share the same normal, and spec map. This really helped us with our texture budgets. Gun model is done by Kevin Gee.

Socom4, Naga Elite heavy version variant2. A variant of the previous heavy model.Gun model is done by Kevin Gee..

Socom4, Elite Officer

The player had to determine the officer instantly, so I had to find a way to make him really stand out form the group, and yet look elite enough. I decided the just keep the skin color without camo and giving him a red beret which really stood out from the group. I also gave him specific officer boots. His camo fatigues was enough to seperate him from the infantry group, and still be a part of the elites. His backpack radio, and officer boots are unique only to the officers as well. Gun model is done by Kevin Gee..

Socom4, Elite Soldier

A regular elite soldier. All naga elite infantry soldiers are all using an australian floppy hat. Gun model is done by Kevin Gee.

Socom4, Naga Infantry Officer

An infantry officer. All naga infantry soldiers are 2 toned to give them a more "irregular" army look without much training. They also have a more sloppy look ot them. the officer however had to look more put together, he has officer backpack radio, boots, and officer cap. Gun model is done by Kevin Gee.